GLUTATHION (GSH): wichtig zur Immunstärkung in den Zeiten der Corona Epidemie

GLUTATHION (GSH): important for immune strengthening in times of corona epidemics

GLUTATHION (GSH): wichtig zur Immunstärkung in den Zeiten der Corona Epidemie

Without effective vaccines or medication, the immune system bears the burden of defending against the corona virus.

GLUTATHION (GSH) is present in all body cells as an endogenous substance. It protects the cells from oxidative stress and plays a central role in a functioning immune system and in detoxification.

Although glutathione is produced by the body itself from food, there may be a gap between the need and availability of GSH as a result of aging processes, lifestyle, nutrition and disease. In addition, the ability of the organism to synthesize GSH decreases more and more after the age of 40 due to aging.

A new clinical study1 conducted with the raw material Setria® GSH showed as a clear result that oral intake of GSH significantly increases the body’s own glutathione levels.

  • Taking 1,000 mg daily revealed an increase in glutathione levels of 30% in the blood, 35% in the red blood cells and 260% in the oral mucosa.
  • After three months of taking a dose of 1,000 mg Setria® daily, the study revealed a doubling of NK cell activity. (NK cells = natural killer cells fulfil the function of a “Task Force” for the immune system)2
  • Glutathione must be continuously supplemented to maintain high glutathione levels.
  • One month after the suspension of supplementation, glutathione levels declined again to the levels before the start of the study.
  • The study also showed that oral supplementation had no negative effect on the body’s own glutathione production.

1 Information on the study is available at: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
see also:  Info graphic on the bioavailability of orally supplied glutathione

2 Read more: Uni Heidelberg: Killer cells as weapons of the immune system Uni Heidelberg: Killerzellen als Waffen des Immunsystems