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Antioxidants are substances designed to prevent oxidation of sensitive molecules. Antioxidant substances also occur naturally in food and in the human organism. Glutathione and coenzyme Q10 are synthesized by the body itself, but from about 40 years of age and under oxidative stress their content in the body decreases drastically.

Antioxidants as dietary supplements are therefore a valuable support for maintaining health.

A scientific report documents that there are optimal combinations of micronutrients that activate each other and enhance their effect.

For example, the strongest antioxidant of the cell, glutathione, requires sufficient concentrations of the trace elements selenium and zinc, they activate the required enzymes. Furthermore, the combination with the antioxidative vitamins C and E is necessary, as the antioxidative mechanisms in the body work together like an orchestra. Manganese is important for the antioxidative protection of cell components and acts by activating gluathione peroxidase in the presence of sufficient glutathione. Folic acid supports memory performance with increasing age, vitamin B12 in sufficient concentration is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of folic acid.